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Why Us

We aim to solve problems such as lack of product exposure, inefficient raw materials ordering, the occurrence of bad debit, etc. Our goal is to bring sustainability to your F&B business and to ensure that your system can run effortlessly.

Services we provide:

Frontline sales and marketing services
With our experience, we can help your organization to locate and seize market opportunities by increasing the exposure of your product, promoting your brand, and potentially connecting you to multiple outlets to expand your business.

Middleman services
Other than connecting your business to outlets, we can also serve as a middleman to manage in-between transactions and communication needs across different languages to maintain a healthy stakeholder relationship.

Backend solutions
Managing orders, inventory and supply processing are often troublesome to handle, especially when there is a lack of experienced manpower. We can provide solutions to your problems by implementing efficient systems which utilizes the latest technology.

Supply Chain

We want to provide great business value to your organization using process-driven approaches. With an effective supply chain, you can reduce cost, improve cash flow, and also deliver smarter.

We as experienced consultants will help you unlock the true potential of your supply chain which will help you make better business decisions, granting a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What we can help you with

By accessing your transportation environment, we can devise an effective transportation plan and provide necessary tools and solutions to create measurable changes.

Good results are often driven by good processes. We can improve the efficiency of your company by streamlining your processes, reduce cost, and maintaining good lean management.

Distribution on a large scale can often lead to unwanted complications. Therefore, we will analyze and provide an effective plan to manage your distribution process.

Food Service Industries

Standardized recipes
A Standardized recipe can produce a known quality and quantity of food for a specific operation and will help control costs and waste of product. Based on your availability equipment and facility, we are able to customize standardized recipes fit for your operation.

Meet changing customer needs
In the food service industry, a paradigm shift is required to keep up with evolving customer needs. We will be able to assist and advice you in key fundamentals to build a successful food business such as menu, location, and value. This will effectively increase visitor frequency, average spend per customer, and most importantly, customer loyalty.

Warehouse System/ Inventory System

The food and beverage industry remains as one of the most confronting businesses when it comes to inventory control. This is caused by the presence of multiple measuring units and also a wide array of easily perishable materials. Therefore, an efficient and powerful inventory or warehouse system is crucial.

What we can implement in your inventory system

It is important that all inventory item can be traced and tracked easily due to short shelf life nature of raw materials. With real-time tracking of inventory enabled, any unnecessary costs due to mismanagement of inventory can be avoided and eliminates any under and over stock issues. This will in turn resolve tied-up cash flow, missed sales, etc.

Any inventory and warehouse system should be modified to fit in with your supply chain. With this, possibility of miscommunication can be reduced and lead times can be kept to a minimum.

Scale for growth
We will help create a good inventory management system that will be able to evolve and adapt as the business grows to a higher level of profitability. As growth occurs, the margin error needs to be kept minimal as every second counts and every inventory item will have its own expiry dates.

Manufacturing Packaging Solutions

Our services include providing packaging solutions for your food and beverage brand, focusing on meeting customer needs, efficiency, and affordability. We aim to design safe and attractive packaging fit for your unique brand.

How good packaging affects your brand
  • Enhances your products’ appeal
  • Effectively promotes your brand
  • Distinguishes your product from other competitors
  • Protects your products and increases transport options


Interested in selling our manufacturing partners’ products? We provide the option for you to resell our OEM products with your own unique branding.

Advantages of using our OEM services:
  • A quick way to expand your existing product line
  • Preserve and promote your existing brand
  • Control and maintain customer relationships
  • Able to outsource all packaging and labeling
  • Option to ship directly to customer

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